Ecological architecture - sustainable design

Sally Starbuck - Director

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Sally is an architect and director of Paul Leech: GAIA Associates Ltd with whom she has numerous substantial realised, ecological building projects in the Ireland & the UK; including Accessibility auditing and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for sustainable rural development.

She also had wide experience of practice in the UK, Australia and Italy.

A graduate of the University of Nottingham, she is a registered architect, member of the RIAI, RIBA and AECB.

She is current chair of the RIAI Sustainability Taskforce and has served as a board member of the Architecture Association of Ireland (AAI) and as trustee of the Association of Environment Conscious Builders (AECB).

Her research papers have been published: These study the demands of a design problem, often conflicting; to creatively combine practicality with elegance in surprising ways that enhance the surroundings and avoid unnecessary impacts on the natural environment.

In a personal capacity, she is a member of The Village project, to build a sustainable community in Cloughjordan. This Educational Charity charity to help pioneer a new approach to rural regeneration and climate change adaptation. The commitment is to develop the skills and resilience for both Members and the local community to thrive.

The Village project is co-owned by its Members who agree to an ecological charter which sets out, in broad-enough terms to allow innovation and experimentation, goals of low carbon impact.

Cloughjordan Eco-neighbourhood has been awarded the Gold Medal at the 2013 international Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom), for socio-economic achievement.

Thanks to a bursary by Create, the collaborative arts agency, for Sally acted as Architect in the Community and devised a series of 'Art & Chi-tecture' workshops for 3D design of shared spaces between buildings.

We now have a studio in a building just completed to our design with others adjacent, forming 40% of An CorrĂ¡n's 12 live/work units.

As a 'doing' person, she is fascinated by the visual domain; drawing, painting, photographing nature and architecture, as a vocation.

Sally has been awarded RIBA Client Adviser Status. An RIBA Client Adviser is accredited based on evidence under four categories: knowledge, skills and abilities, understanding, and experience, in six crucial activities:

  • shaping vision and aspiration,
  • engaging stakeholders effectively,
  • supporting process to deliver outcomes,
  • facilitating value management,
  • preparing for use and in use.

These demonstrate how well we can help add value, for different types of client and in various situations, through design and thought leadership. A Client Advisor may operate in different contexts, sectors and specialisms. So, their role or function will be adapt to suit. We now contribute to a shared body of knowledge about how to advise clients to achieve the best outcomes in any situation.

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